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Loyalty Programs

Over the past few years, Credit Card Management has established with its partners a variety of elaborate and successful loyalty programs, which have retained existing customers and attracted new ones. Loyalty programs usually target specific market segments compelling to a wide variety of consumers.

Today customers are more educated, more demanding and more aware of market competition. To attract and retain them, your company must offer discounts, rewards, privileges, and special incentives that motivate them to use your services and brands.

"How will I benefit "?
Well, in this case, F.A.L.C.O.N is the answer.
Fidelity, Affinity, Loyalty, CO-branding, and Novelty cards will cater to each of your customer's needs and tastes. While your bank or institution will benefit from a unique service advantage from CCM, added to all other financial benefits derived from card usage, you and your customers will also acquire the best of what F.A.L.C.O.N schemes have to offer.

Successful loyalty programs developed by CCM in response to market demand and profitable opportunities guarantee a wide range of services and benefits:

  • Card database elaboration by number, name & household.
  • Transaction data input from points of sale (POS ID card #, date, value).
  • Calculation of points, including bonus point promotions
  • Point storage by card number.
  • Handling of balance inquiries (printing of POS mini-statements).
  • Handling of redemptions (printing of POS redemption coupons).
  • Transfer of daily transaction data in batch form to the bank at day end.)
  • Training on loyalty and POS programs.
  • Production of a generic application with a customized area for merchant name and Logo.
  • Production of a generic card with a customized field for merchant name and Logo.

Loyalty programs benefit cardholders, merchants as well as banks and institutions:
  • Recognition as a valued customers
  • Extra value for their money
  • Invitation to previews, special events and special promotions
  • Identification of profitable customers
  • Lock in profitable customers expenditures
  • Provide incremental sales volume
  • Enhance image and recognition
  • Personalized and customized communication with  the best customers.
  • Potential for new promotional device
Banks and Institutions
  • Targeting of specific market segments
  • Cross sale  of other products
  • Generate income
  • Lock in customer expenditures
  • Increase sales and  profit
  • Identification and reward for the  best customers
  • One to one communication with customers
Fidelity Cards
Retain your customers by rewarding them for their fidelity and facilitating their payment modes.CCM can help your institution issue its own cards specifically designed for your customers.

Affinity Cards
Solicit individuals of identifiable groups, who share common interests, activities or memberships. Affinity programs are usually designed for non-profit groups, such as alumni associations, professional organizations, sports clubs, and more.

Loyalty Cards
Reward your loyal customers with a card program complete with added-value benefits, points, preferential sales, and more.

Co Branded Cards
Co branded programs are built on benefits both attractive to and achievable by, target cardholders. These programs increase customer loyalty, enhance defense against competition, and generate new revenue for co-branding partners.

Novelty Programs
Novelty programs are developed as partnerships between two or more corporations, that can share a customer base or strategically expand specific areas of their businesses.

The purpose is to encourage  the recurrence of customers and drive up incremental sales. The aim is to differentiate one’s business and services from the competition while gaining more knowledge about loyal and profitable customers in order to identify them and better address them

Basically, the customer will swipe his card after each purchase from a certain merchant outlet and when he accumulates a certain number of points; he can redeem them in exchange of a coupon, gifts, cash refund or a donation.
Every merchant and type of business redeems a gift that best suits its business.
One can set redemption to be for cash, petrol gas for free or  an inspirational gift like a car, a vacation etc…
CCM has developed proprietary programs to many merchants from various business segments and continues to do so for many new customers.

We process all transactions
You maintain full control
Successful loyalty programs developed by CCM in response to market demand and profitable opportunities guarantee a wide range of services and benefits

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