Bank Services

Bank Services


CCM is currently servicing Lebanese and foreign banks and issuing Visa and MasterCard cards  for financial institutions and banks as well as servicing merchants and other institutions by developing issuing programs customized  for their needs and products.
CCM team has the knowledge to support and aid  every customer in  their selection of a card support fit and best designed to meet  their product requirements as well as provide contact with international card manufacturers.
CCM is presently offering all the card products available in the market ranging from debit, charge, credit, prepaid, disposable, reloadable, and whether being on magnetic stripe or chip support

Innovation is our Watch word
Our mission is to provide your company with quality services and support, increase customer satisfaction, improve product launches, and strengthen your card program.
We actively pursue innovative ways to strengthen our services, technology, security and expertise. At the same time, we strongly believe in building partnerships with our clients, and in turn to drive up revenues and profitability.  Quality, integrity, innovation and profitability are the foundations of these solid relationships.

We can personalize your pre designed plastic card with any additional security features such as a photo,  a signature as well as  emboss data on its front or encode the magnetic stripe and engrave the chip according to international standards.

CCM’s advanced Card Personalization Center relies on sophisticated computer hardware and software, as well as telecommunications equipment, to provide customized and co branded cards to our valued partners. These cards can be magnetic, smart, scratch cards or even virtual, and responding to different needs and segments of the market from banking, financial to telecommunication and retail.

CCM is equipped by international suppliers of card personalization and card mailing systems. CCM’s personalization center can respond to any customer personalization need.

Banks that wish to enrich customer’s experience and optimize customer’s acquisition by delivering banking cards  to the branches can be offered a distributed or instant issuance solution. This system has an easy user interface, it is small and of light weight and is simple to use with the high reliability that distributed issuance of embossed cards requires. It has a single card entrance that enables personalization of a card instantly and  can issue up to 120 cards per hour, therefore it is fast enough for busy locations, but  quiet enough not to disturb office functionality.

Banks that handle larger volumes and do not wish to crowd their branches can benefit from the standard centralized issuance solution.CCM is equipped to personalize large series of plastic cards, may they be magnetic or chip cards. Personalization covers the embossing or printing on the face of the card, while the magnetic stripe and the chip support encoding. CCM is equipped to allow the embossing on the front and indenting the rear in  one  go.

We are also able to insert mailings  for the card and prepare personalize packaged wraps automatically within one process  for each customer and can deliver up to 1000 cards per hour, packed with a marketing or communication insert.

  • Personalization
  • Inserts and Mailing
  • Customer Design development
  • Packaging
  • Flow wrap from strips of 1-25 individual cards
  • Personalized packs with the customer’s logo as well as  any additional requirements
  • Delivery
  • Personalized delivery service with options from the production site to the  client’s premises.
Innovation is our Watch word

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