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Bank Services


Today the business world is changing at an alarming speed. From the traditional economy, we have moved to the digital world, from the physical to the on line markets, from cash to plastic to chip. Business priorities have changed to take advantage of the ever growing opportunities of chip card capabilities.

Credit Card Management SAL is a leading provider of card based program solutions in the Middle East for banks, institutions and merchants, all benefiting from the state of the art card and banking technologies. These partners that are also clients have turned to CCM for:
  • The development and marketing of card programs, including debit/credit, charge, loyalty, co branded, frequent flier, discount, internet and prepaid cards.
  • A full range of payment services, including issuing, card services, processing, and the use of our extensive online authorization center.
  • Chip card technology for different smart as well as financial and non financial applications.
  • Electronic POS services and special applications programs.
Credit Card Management handles payment card business activities for banks, merchants and other institutions from inception to end user stages. Highly skilled staff and engineers, who manage and steer organizational and Operational Control Services, deliver operability and security of international standards

A complete Card solution Developed by Industry Leaders
Outsource to CCM to focus on your core business activities

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