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Banks cards are known as Visa or MasterCard, debit or credit or charge.
Market segmentation has exceeded the standard Classic, Gold and Platinum to embossed or unembossed, on line, or off line, on magnetic stripe or on chip support, even virtual and contactless.
The use has expanded fromcard present to card not present, from mail and phone order to internet and mobile payment.
All the card features and physical support form a product that is designed by each bank to best service their customer's profile and needs.
CCM is equipped to handle all the banks cards features and requirements as well as to ensure the correct issuance and the appropriate handling of the card and the pin.

Chip cards

CCM is particularly keen on developing its personalization center and staying up to date with the latest technologies in card personalization, issuance and management.

CCM was the first center in Lebanon to apply the EMV regulations which aim to standardize an open and interoperable infrastructure for multiple application smart cards, devices and systems that simplifies and accelerates development, deployment and the management of applications across the industries.

Chip technology has introduced many new powerful and flexible features to strengthen and improve security in the payment industry:
  • Protection from skimming, counterfeit fraud as well as stolen cards.
  • Control at the transaction level with both the online and offline limits and checks.
  • Save costs by increasing the security and frequency of offline transactions
  • The possibility of expanding into different customer segments and exploring new markets
  • Implementation of multi-application card programs and the opportunity to explore different payment channels such as mobile or contactless.
CCM is the first personalization center to implement the Java card that allows members to combine payment and nonpayment applications on a single card.


Prepaid cards can be physical or virtual, disposable or reloadable, on magnetic stripe or chip support.

The merchants and banks need to assess their business case to decide on the physical features of the card itself, the processing capabilities, and the market opportunity.

Opportunities are endless and one can market any specific business need in the market. CCM can help you decide on the card support, contact a manufacturer, choose a card design and decide on the prepaid card.

For banks, the prepaid card can be:
  • Travel card: Secure vehicle payment giving easy access to local currency and merchants , targeting the overseas travel market
  • Payroll card: similar to a salary card
  • Internet card: usually comes as a virtual card and designed solely for the internet
  • Teenage card: Often reloadable cards to allow parents to establish a monthly income for their kids
  • Gift card: everyone likes getting gifts. One can customize a gift wrapping with a message like Congratulations or Happy Birthday.
Merchants can also address other segments linked to their brand name:
  • Petrol card
  • Department store card
  • Gift card
Other Market Opportunities:
  • Promotional cards
  • Staff Incentive cards
  • Compensation cards
  • Government benefits cards
  • Employee expense card
  • Remittance card
Prepaid can be issued to those who wish to budget for specific purchases
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