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Pay with your mobile

With PayMobey service, no need for cards or cash, your mobile does it all for you!

The PayMobey service introduced by Credit Libanais entitles you to transfer and receive money instantly, anytime, anywhere you are, and settle your purchases or phone orders through your mobile phone in USD at any affiliated CCM merchant accepting PayMobey.

Using your mobile, PayMobey allows you to:

  • Settle your phone orders and purchases
  • Withdraw cash
  • Transfer money instantly
  • Load your mobile account
    To benefit from this service, register to PayMobey by calling 01-398414, then stop at any Credit Libanais branch to open a PayMobey account and activate the service.

What makes PayMobey a secure and convenient mode of payment?

1- You can use your own mobile, no need to have any special smart phone or download any application.

2- It is easy and simple as making a call

3- Voice Verification and Automatic Speech Recognition: PayMobey uses the Voice Signature system, providing increased security derived from the capture and analysis of a person's voice. Your voice signature or voice print is unique to you, like your fingerprint.

4- Security code: As you register by calling 01-398414, PayMobey will ask you to record your voice print and

enter your security code, a 4 digit code created by you, which will be used to identify, authenticate and authorize your transactions.

How to use PayMobey?


Add PayMobey option on your CCM POS to start processing mobile phone payments, in a way similar to any card payment. Moreover, PayMobey allows you to collect payments even if the customer is not physically present in the store; you only need to ask him for his mobile number to process the POS payment.

All you have to do is to select PayMobey as a Payment method on your CCM POS, enter the mobile number of the client, the amount to be paid and wait for the POS to generate a ticket confirming the payment.

PayMobey will call the mobile number and request acceptance and confirmation to pay you.

PayMobey service is easy to use, secure, and very convenient for delivery since payment can be done from anywhere with a mobile phone. No need to enter any code on the POS or to sign.

Confirmation of payment is done on the mobile directly, depending on the amount, the customer will enter a security code or provide his voice signature to authorize the payment.

The installation of PayMobey option on CCM POS is free of charge. The payment process and conditions with CCM remains the same: same charges as Visa and same settlement methods.

For more information about PayMobey service call us on 01-609450

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