Merchant Services

Merchant Services

Terminal Management Solution

CCM is the only Terminal Management Software (TMS) center in the region.

CCM has a large experience in TMS which is based on different products. This know-how is now proposed to customers through a reliable and powerful TMS platform.

With its TMS solution, CCM provides remote terminal software management (for example adding, updating or removing SW components in the terminal's memory) while having a real time informative link with the POS they are managing on the field.

The TMS is:
  • a cost effective solution to remotely manage the terminals; there is no need to engage in a physical maintenance after a merchant calls
  • a reliable information on the terminals' estate situation (up to date, to be updated, migration reporting, various configurations, …)
The solution offers:
  • A worldwide remote management of the terminal estate
    • Reduce downtime
    • Achieve fast, effective download campaigns
  • A high quality of services, in terms of security and performance
  • Fully redundant and PCI-DSS compliant infrastructure
  • Customer care centre
CCM is the unique interface for the customer, operating the end-to-end solutions:
  • Terminals
  • TMS deployment
  • End-to-end tests and operations
  • Support and monitoring
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