Bank Services

Bank Services

Organizational Services

Card Life Cycle Management

  • Card program planning, design and launch
  • Stock management
  • Supply chain
  • Development and marketing of prepaid, debit, change and credit card programs that include the issuing of Visa and MasterCard for banks and other proprietary cards for retailers from various business segments.

Card Issuing and Customization

  • Contract processing
  • Key Management
  • Card embossing, encoding & encryption (Smartcard personalization, Native and Java)
  • Custom Graphics & personalization
  • Pin Generation management and pin printing.
  • Customized chip profiles & magnetic stripe encoding.
  • MasterCard and Visa card certification
  • Development & Marketing of co-branded, affinity, revolving credit & loyalty programs, as well as Internet payment solutions and prepaid cards solutions (Gifts cards, travel cards, Payroll cards, Youth cards etc…)
  • Delivery and retrieval
  • Black listing
  • Back office management
  • Personalization and card mailing systems
A complete Card solution Developed by Industry Leaders

Online Services

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